Who Is Pregnant Celia Pacquola's Partner Dara Munnis? Meet The Baby Father

Celia Pacquola featured in The Beat Magazine.
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Celia Pacquola is an Australian actress, comedian, and presenter who primarily performs both in the United Kingdom and Australia. Celia Pacquola is with her partner Dara Munnis; let's learn about their relationship. 

Pacquola is expecting a baby with her boyfriend. She announced her pregnancy news on Instagram with a picture of the baby's cloth and a sonogram. The comedian is still working on her shows and events. 

Moreover, the comedic presenter is likely to take a break in the near time. Currently, she seems to be utilizing every ounce of her energy to provide the best content to her fans and followers while hosting her program and performing at her events. 

Meet Celia Pacquola Partner Dara Munnis: The Baby Father With Whom She Is Pregnant

Dara Munnis is the baby's father, with whom Celia is pregnant. He is a band photographer who moved to Sydney to become a full-time musician. The artist has worked with various personalities such as Ed Sheeran, U2, Hozier, Kodaline, and others. 


Munnis and Celia do not seem more vocal about their relationship on social media. They seem to enjoy their privacy and are content with keeping their professional and personal lives separate.

They seem to value each other's company and privacy rather than professing their love on social media. Munnis has an artistic outlook on his photography which can be seen in the capture of unique essence in his picture. With his formidable talent, he shall achieve new avenues ahead. 

Dara Munnis Age

Dara is a 37-year-old musician and photographer. He seems to have devoted his life to singing, traveling, and enjoying various cultures globally. The artist was born on May 15; he does not seem to celebrate his birthday extravagantly but seems to share his special moment with his family. 

Munnis shared a funny tweet stating that he was sharing bunking beds with his father in France on his 31st birthday. He seems to signify that he has yet to achieve and move around the world to sharpen his talent and connection to achieve new milestones in his life. 

Likewise, the artist seems to have developed a significant photography talent while living in Australia and traveling worldwide. He is good at clicking and editing pictures of both animate and inanimate objects. Mostly, he seems to prefer human models in his frame rather than inanimate objects.

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Dara Munnis Wiki

Dara Munnis was born in Dublin in a musical environment. He is classically trained in piano. The artist seems proud of his Dublin heritage and scene while growing up. His photography hobby had turned into his major career choice, which involved taking pictures of bands and musicians.

The artist has experience in photography from both formal and informal knowledge. He has been practicing photography for 16 yrs and seven months. Similarly, he studied at Univerity College Dublin with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computers. 

The artist is not only limited to photography as he stated he is also a videographer who clicks has his own photography business named Dara Munnis Photography. He builds profiles for individuals and musical artists. The photographer is mainly active in Forest Lodge, New South Wales, Australia.

Dara Munnis Net Worth

Munnis is worth around one million- two million dollars. The artist's yearly income is estimated at around $44,500 to $105,000. He does seem to earn comfortable revenue to live his free lifestyle of traveling and attending various musical events. 

Similarly, his partner Celia is worth around 1.5 million dollars from her comedic, acting, and hosting avenues. She is a talented individual with the potential to achieve excellent prospects in the near future.