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Who Is Carolina Corcho? Meet Gustavo Petro's Minister of Health

Carolina Corcho in an interview for the medical college.
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Carolina Corcho Mejia Medellin is a notable personality who is a Colombian public health physician, psychiatrist, and political scientist. Let's learn about Carolina Corcho's Wikipedia. 

Moreover, she will likely be appointed as the new minister of health. Corcho was vice president of the Colombian Medical Federation, president of the NGO Corporacion Latinoamericanan Sur, and the national association of Interns and Residents. 

Similarly, she shall be appointed as Minister of Health from August 7, 2022, by Gustavo Petro. The doctor completed her formal education at the University of Antioquia and psychiatry at the National University of Colombia.

Likewise, she completed her master's degree in political studies at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Thus, she is a medical scholar who has also written her biography and described her experiences in the medical field. 

Carolina Corcho Wikipedia Biografia

Dr. Carolina is the daughter of professor Freddy Hernan Corcho of the National University, deputy to the Assembly of Antioquia, and Zaragoza's engineer and former mayor. She is a talented individual who has worked for multiple organizations and led different institutions. 


Moreover, she worked in ANIR, saved San Juan de Dios Hospital, and argued for statutory law. She gained popularity and attention from the prior Mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro. The latter later appointed her as director of Social Participation in the Bogota Ministry of Health between 2014 to 2016. 

Likewise, she is the daughter of the professor and engineer Freddy Hernan Corcho of the National Univerity, deputy of the Assembly of Antioquia, and engineer and former mayor of Zaragoza, Amparo Mejia. 

Currently, she is vice president of the Colombian Medical Federation, a national union that advocates research studies, teaching, and learning of medical practice related to ethics. 

Carolina Corcho Edad: How Old Is Gustavo Petro's New Health Minister?

Carolina Corcho is 39 years old, she was born in Medellin Colombia. Her date of birth is April 13, 1983. She is a talented physician, she practices medical psychology by providing counseling and required help and support to her patients. She also administers drugs for patients suffering from mental diseases. 


Likewise, she is supported by Petro Gustavo who is the elected president of Colombia. He shall be the first leftist to hold the position of president. Since her early days in politics and the movement for better health care Petro has supported her endeavors. She has often pressed the government to establish statutory health laws for the progress of the health system in the country. 

Petro Gustavo was born in Cienaga de Oro in Cordoba, Columbia. His great grandfather migrated from Southern Italy in the 1870s, which also seems to be why the politician possessed Italian citizenship. 

Petro studied at the Colegio de Hermanos de La Salle, founded the college newspaper, and later joined the movement of the guerrilla fighters at the age of 17. The army also arrested him for the crime of illegal possession of arms. However, by persevering from various difficulties he reached the top and appointed Carolina to support his vision. 

Carolina Corcho Esposa: Is She Married?

Carolina Corcho has not disclosed her marital status; she is likely to have a partner. Also, her new responsibilities as the minister of health can create fewer possibilities for her to focus on her personal life. 

She is a person of grit and optimism who has engaged in various prospects and achieved significant avenues in her life. She has a prolific personality and eloquence to achieve the required objectives in her job. 

The 39-year-old politician is likely to bring favorable changes in health policies and manage the funds for the citizen's prosperity and convenience in terms of their health. She shall strive to bring mega-reform and changes the government lacked the courage to implement.