Lineup, events for Calgary Stampede 2023. Here is all about Calgary 2023 location, date, ticket price, Schedule, and more.

The Calgary Stampede Festival is all set to start on July 7, 2023, which will end on 16 July. Also known as the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" is a 10-day-long event. It attracts over one million visitors during this time. This festival started in 1912 and has been continuously going on (expected 2020) due to COVID-19. 

This festival takes place in early July every year. Aberta puts on a cowboy hat to welcome the visitors. They take celebration to new heights by offering free pancakes for breakfast.

This festival is one of Canada's best-selling holidays.  Tickets and hotels get sold early. So if you are planning to visit the event it's good to book a room and ticket before the festival starts.

This event is full of thrills, hospitality, and wonder. With a prize of $2 million dollar to the winner. With over 120 athletes competing for the prize money.

Who is going to open the parade, and what is happening at the event? Who is going to perform in the event what is the lineup for the event.

Calgary Stampede 2023 Full Lineup

The Calgary Stampede event is lined up with different events including the parade. This event is going to be full of music and other events.

The Calgary Stampede Schedule or Line Up is listed below.

  • Danny Nix and The Heat
  • RCMP Horse Display
  • 100 Years of Chuckwagons (Historical Display)
  • County Critters and Dairy Showcase
  • Horse Haven and Mini Donkey
  • Dog Bowl Presented by Voila
  • Soar Ariel Circus
  • Paw Patrol Meet and Greet

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  • Community Stage Performance
  • Heavy Horse Show
  • The Great Illusionist Magic Show
  • Flag Raising
  • Tipi Viewing

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  • Calgary Stampede Art Show
  • RCMP Musical Ride
  • Kitchen Theater presented by Safeway
  • Historical Tour Stampede
  • The Magic Mel Show
  • Brand of Outsiders
  • Cowboy up Challange
  • Traditional Games
  • Light Horse Demo

Calgary Stampede 2023 Events

Calgary Stampede 2023 is full of events. From the most awaited parade to concerts by well-known artists. You will be witnessing over 120 competitors in 6 different rodeos.

You will not want to miss a few of the most awaited events. Here is the list of events you can attend.

Calgary Stampede Parade

The Calgary Stampede Parade is the Kickoff for the remaining show. It happens first Friday morning. This year Parade Marshall is astronaut Jeremey Hansen. During the parade, you will see the crowd gathered as cowboys and cowgirls.

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The Parade Marshall of the Calgary Stampede Parade has already included big names such as Walt Disney, Bing Crosby, Kevin Costner, and William Shatner. You can also be part of this parade. But be sure to get early to save a place on the pavement or you can prebook a seat on the bleachers. Since it will be crowded with people.

Rodeo Events

World's largest outdoor rodeo event is something you wouldn't want to miss. It features top-class competitors and animals.

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Every afternoon at 1:30 cowboy sand cowgirls compete in 6 different events. Every win takes them closer to a showdown Sunday where they are aiming at the share of their prize.

The ticket price for this show ranges from $24 to $312. You can visit Stampede Park on the date the ticket is valid.

Watch the Showriders

The showriders were originally formed to accompany the Stampede Showband. They are a team of equestrian riders who travel all over North America performing routines.

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They represent the Calgary Stampede. Their duty at the event is to perform musical rides several times a day and be a part of the parade.

When is Calgary Stampede Music Festival 2023? Dates And Schedule

Calgary Music Festival 2023 will start on July 7. Music Festival is to be hosted in four different locations. With top artist performing in different venues.

With different musical events and concerts happening in different venues, you may be curious about whom to see. Here is the list of lineups for the Stampede Concert. Where different artists will be performing at different venues on specific dates.

Nashville North

If you are a country song lover then this adult-only venue is for you. Entry is free but the queue is long. But don't worry the line moves fast. Here is a list of artists performing.

  • Mackenzie Porter (July 7)
  • JoJo Mason (July 8)
  • Dallas Smith (July 10)
  • Elle King (July 11)

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  • High Valley (July 12)
  • Jade Eagelson (July 13)
  • Tenilie Arts (July 16)

Coco Cola Stage

Cocola concert is for all age groups with free entry. Which has moved to a different area with a larger space so every age group can enjoy. Now with the list of artists performing.

  • Vance Voy (July 7)
  • Jessie Reyes (July 9)
  • Death From Above 1979 (July 11)
  • Jimmy Eat World (July 12)
  • Stephen Sanchez (July 13)

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  • Mt. Joy (July 14)

Big Four Roadhouse

If you love indoor performance then this venue is for you. Here you will find the band performing all week.  Who will you see.

  • DJ Diesel (July 7)

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  • Lil Yatchy (July 11)
  • X Ambassador (July 13)
  • DJ Pauly D (July 14)
  • Cypress Hill (July 16)

Scotiabank Saddledome

This venue doesn't come free with Stampede Park Admission. Two big names are going to perform over here. Pitbull on July 7 and Alabama with Mitchell Wright on July 8.

Calgary Stampede Parade Tickets 2023

Calgary Parade tickets are already on sale. Calgary Stampede Parade ticket for bleachers with breakfast is $65.20.

The Rotary Club of Calgary Olympics seat will cost $42.42. Rotary Sentinianl Bleacher seat will cost $37 and fees. If you can find a good spot early in a pavement then it's free to watch the parade. You should be there by 7:30 or even earlier to avoid the crowd. 

Even, though you have bought tickets it is hard to make your way through the crowd. If you are going in a parade wear comfortable shoes. Don't forget to carry your hat preferably a cowboy hat to protect yourself from sunstroke.

Weather here is never predictable so be sure to check the weather before you head out. Be there early even if the parade begins at 9 AM only.

The Parade place will be full of crowds and roads will be blocked during the event. You should be reaching this place a lot earlier before the event starts. Even if you have booked the ticket for the bleachers don't be late. You will find it difficult to find your seat and reach up to there.

Calgary Stampede Dress Code

Calgary Stampede has got dress code for the event. You can't just come here as you like.

You can't just appear here in your pajamas or party dress. Guest should be wearing western or business casual.

The venue dress code must be followed all the time. Ball caps, athletic wear, rompers, shorts, and ripped or torn jeans are strictly not allowed in the venue. 

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If you are wearing a skirt and dress be careful about the length. Management reserves to decide the appropriateness of dress. They can refuse entry if necessary, to protect the integrity of the venue.

You will find people wearing cowboy hats, boots, and plaid shirts which is the main attire for the event. You can also go with a Bohemian look for the event.

Calgary Stampede Map

Calgary may be a known place for local and frequent visitors, but new visitors may need the Calgary Stampede Map. With events happening on different days in different locations, you may get lost in the place. 

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Stampede Park is located in downtown Calgary, in the culture and entertainment district. The Parade will begin on 9 Avenue at 3rd Street SE and run to 10 Street SW, then turn North at 9th Avenue and 10th Street SW, turn east at 6th Avenue and 10th Street SW, and finish at 6th Avenue and 4th Street SE.

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Navigating Calgary Stampede may be on your wishlist. During the festival, it is difficult to find an easy place to get around.

Different events will be taking place in different venues. So first you need to know which event you are attending. And then which is the nearest and shortest entrance.


This place has not one but other entrances too. For easy access choose the entrance according to the attraction you are going to be on.

Erlton (South) Entry

This entry is closest to the Rodeo, Coco Cola Stage, Nashville North, Dog Bowl presented by Voila, and the evening show in GMC Stadium.

Victoria Park (West) Entry

The Market, The Stage of Wonder show in the BMO center, and Midway Food and Games will give you easy access from this entry.

Stampdele Trail (North) Entry

This entry is best for Elbow River Camp, Great Funtier's Midway, Stampede  Concert Series, or a Monster Energy Compound free-style motor cross show.

How To Go To Calgary Stampede 2023

Wondering how to get to Calgary Stampede.  You can reach the venue through different transits which will be open to visitors during the event.

With a lot of traffic and crowds during the festival, you should try to leave early. If you are staying nearby by the park or event venue then you can walk up to the venue. To reach the different venues you will have to use different routes.

Public Transit

You can use a train or bus to get to the Stampede. With 24-hour train service, and extended hours on bus services transit is one of the best ways to reach Stampede Park.

You can take the Red Line to Erlton Stampede Station or Victoria Stampede Station.  You can use Erlton Station to reach GCM Stadium, Nashville North, and Coco-Cola Stage as the fastest route. If you are going to market, Stage Of Wonders, Midway food, and fun then use Victoria Station.

Bikes, Scooters, and Walking

Bike lanes in the area will be open for the festival. Parking will be allowed at Erlton and Stampdele Trail entries. Sidewalks are open in Stampede and around for easy pedestrian access.


Major intersections in the area will be reopened for the festival. For easier traffic flow and access several one-day detours will be taking place.

Ride Share Service

The location for drop off and pickup is not the same. Lyft, Uber, and Taxi can drop off at 14 AVE and 5 St SE outside of the Stampede Trail (North) Entrance. Or they can use the Eltron Transit loop outside of the Eltron (South) Entrance to Stampede Park.

For pickup, Lyft and Uber will use 10 Ave between Macleod Trail North and 4 St. SE, as well as the Eltron transit loop. Taxi pickup will be located along 14 AVE and 5 St SE of Stampede Trail North Entrance and in the Erlton transit loop outside of Eltron (South) entrance to Stampede Park