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What Happened To The TV Announcer Cacho Fontana? Cause Of Death & More

Cacho Fontana debuted radio in Argentina
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The news of Cacho Fontana's death has surfaced. His wife Liliana Caldini mourns his passing.

He was a radio and television personality from Argentina. He made his radio debut in Argentina in 1950 after meeting radio presenter Roberto González Rivero by accident at the Huracán Stadium. The incident led to his employment as an announcer on Riverito's Pea de tango, on Radio del Pueblo.

Beginning in 1955, Fontana co-hosted a morning program on Radio El Mundo with Mara Esther Vignola and Rina Morán. Success brought prominent producers to the "Fontana Show," including Alberto Migré, Hugo Moser, Abel Santa Cruz, and Relámpago producer Miguel Coronatto Paz.

Muerte: Learn On Cacho Fontana Esposa Liliana Caldini - Escandalo

Cacho Fontana's Muerte took place two days after his esposa, Lilianana Caldini died. 

Fontana and Liliana started dating in the 70s. Caldini fell in love with Fontana so bad that their 20 years of age difference didn't matter between them.

Former model Liliana Caldini achieved her greatest triumph in the 1970s when she participated in a cigarette campaign. Ever since then, fame has been knocking on her door.

Caldini and Fontana divorced twelve years after their original fling, but they kept up a cordial rapport with their daughters and turned the initial attraction into a friendship.


However, Fontana left the world, today on the 5th of July, 2022. Last year when he was contacted with Covid-19 for the second time, his death rumor was aired.

His daughter Antonio blamed the journalist for spreading the fake news as a result of their lack of studies. She said she was with Cacho all the time when he was sick, and the people who spread the news had her number so they could have confirmed.

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How Did Cacho Fontana Die?

Cacho Fontana fought too many health fights. Jorge Cacho Fontana, also known as Norberto Palese, passed away on Tuesday, July 5, at the Interplaza Clinic.

The clinic was the residence where he had resided for a considerable amount of time, according to information provided to Teleshow by his surroundings. He was 90 years old.

One of the unavoidable representatives of radio and television in the nation, the announcer had recently suffered from pneumonia as a result of the effects the coronavirus had left him with.

At the age of sixteen, Jorge Loguarro, a friend and employee who also performed on stage, invited him to do the same at the Salón Argentino on Corrientes Avenue. This is how he got his start in the show business.

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Meet Cacho Fontana Family And Children

Cacho Fontana and Liliana have two daughters. The twins Antonella and Ludmila, who would be the couple's only two daughters together, were born around the end of the 1970s.


Fontana was born to his parents Nieves Filgueiras and Antonio Palese. He did not have any siblings. Fontana has two grandsons. When alive he was often spotted with his daughter Antonio. 

 The TV personality got married to Dora Palma before Liliana. The marriage lasted only for two years. The couple had one daughter together. In later years, he would only sometimes show up in commercials or special shows.

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