Singer Bulelani Koyo Dies At A Young Age Due To Hepatitis Cancer- Meet His Wife & Family

Singer Bulelani Koyo died due to Hepatitis Cancer

Let's find out in detail about Bulelani Koyo, a writer and singer who died at a young age from Hepatitis cancer. He hosted Iikwayala Eziphambili on Umhlobo Wenene every Sunday from 13:00 to 15:00.

Bulelani Koyo was born in Soweto and raised in the Pakamisa township outside of King William's Town, according to

Koyo respected his enthusiasm for the choral genre because he was a choral music promoter at the time and had grown up in the choral community.

Bulelani was able to communicate with the public and share the information that had been given to him via radio.

Bulelani Koyo Death At Young Age From Hepatitis Cancer

We are heartbroken to learn that Bulelani Koyo, a beloved singer who battled cancer, has lost his fight with the illness. His passing has been widely reported on social media.

Many Tweets were sent to raise money for his treatment because cancer is a costly treatment, and it costs a lot to be cancer-free, which is not guaranteed.

The artist was also informed that he had hepatitis and liver cancer, and some sources claimed that the cost of his medication each month was R30,000. However, his obituary is not yet available online.

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Who Was Belalani Koyo Wife?

There is no information available regarding Buelelani Koyo's wife and children because he upheld the privacy of his family members and kept his private matters hidden from the public until his death.

We respect their privacy, and his family chose to live quietly and secretly to keep their personal affairs out of the public eye.

We suppose that the artist had a loving family that offered him love and support through his difficult times, even if he was never explicit about his marital status.

Additionally, we are sending Koyo's family members healing vibes and comforting hugs because we understand that they may be inconsolable and suffering from the loss.

Bulelani Koyo Net Worth At Death

As a rising star, Bulelani Koyo's net worth must be in the millions, even if his net worth has not been made public.


Koyo never disclosed his entire portfolio to the media or his financial position. Although, as a well-known South African artist, he might have left behind a few million dollars in his bank account.

Bulelani has received a nomination for the 11th Crown Gospel Awards, which will be held on November 25 at the Durban International Convention Center.

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Bulelani Koyo Career As A Singer

Bulelani Koyo is a talented and charismatic young guy with experience in the entertainment industry. He has a lot of experience with choral music and has two albums of that genre to his credit. 

Koyo has won the National Choral Music Awards for Best Choral Music Presenter three years in a row. Recently, he released a song that acts as a prayer for COVID-19.

Bulelani made his gospel music debut when he worked with the group BGG to produce and release an album. The public reacted well to the album; he hasn't looked back since.

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