Brett Cooper and Ben Shapiro are not related. Brett Cooper is the presenter of The Daily Wire.

 People wonder if she is related to the political commentator Ben Shapiro by any account.

The newest personality of Daily Wire and the host of The Comments section, Cooper, is an Internet celebrity who creates content for her YouTube channel.

Brett is a professional actress turned political commentator. Before being a commentator, Cooper contributed to the Foundation for Economic Education, Young Americans for Liberty, and PragerU.

Many viewers were keen to know about the young host away from her new show after her appearance in The Daily Wire. Here is everything that we know about the aspiring commentator.

Brett Cooper is not related to the American conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro. He is the founder of the media company and serves as editor emeritus there.

Recently, the young actress chatted with Shapiro about Gen Z on his YouTube channel. In the interview with Shapiro, the newest member of the Daily wire shared her young perspective as a Gen Z herself.


The American commentator welcomes Cooper to the Daily Wire with her new show, "The Comments Section". Cooper on the other hand hopes to reach demographics changed through the show.

There are already more than 131.1k viewers who actively watch the videos. The commentator, Shapiro, has gained over 4.36 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is quite famous for his content.

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Brett Cooper And Ben Shapiro Relationship Explained

The Comments Section host Brett Cooper shares no family relations with American commentator Ben Shapiro. Brett is a professional actress who later turned into a political commentator.

Shapiro is a renowned American personality as a conservative political commentator, media host, columnist, and media host. He along with film director Jeremy Boreing founded The Daily Wire in 2015.


It is an American conservative news website and media company that is the second most popular publisher on Facebook. The media company produces popular podcasts such as The Ben Shapiro Show.

At only 17, Shapiro became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States. He writes columns for Newsweek, Ami Magazine, and Creators Syndicate.

Between 2012 and 2016, Shapiro contributed as editor-at-large of Breitbart News. Born in Los Angeles, California to a Conservative Jewish family of Russian-Jewish and Lithuanian-Jewish ancestry, Shapiro has written eleven books.

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Brett Cooper And Ben Shapiro -How Are They Connected?

Brett Cooper is the newest presenter and the host of The Comments Section of The Dailly Wire, whose founder is American commentator Ben Shapiro and film director Jeremy Boreing.

The young actress and host started acting at 10, reported The Focus. She contributed to the film industry for more than a decade, starting her career in the theatre.


Later, Cooper prompted in both the television and film sector. And now, the young actress has established herself as a young and aspiring political commentator.

The Comments Section with Brett Cooper was launched earlier this month, and it went on viral social media content. The popular video has crossed over 83k views to date.

According to her IMDb bio, Cooper graduated from UCLA with a major in English Literature. Further, she has earned a minor degree in Business from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

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