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10 Songs To Listen After Break Up

Famous artists such as Adele(left), Selena Gomez (Middle) and Beyonce (Right) have written and sang breakup songs which are inspiring to move on in our life.
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Songs or music heal our sadness caused by the breakup. Dealing with breakups is not easy but not that hard to make yourself feel worthless.

Various artists have expressed their breakup tragedy in the forms and fans have understood them too. Some of the best songs that inspire us to move on in our life are listed in this article. 

Following are the top 10 songs that will heal you while listening after a breakup.

10. Let Her Go - Passenger

'Let her go' a divine song sung by Passenger an English singer and songwriter with a soothing voice.

This song is considered one of the best to listen to after a breakup, as its lyrics make one feel relieved and peaceful. The verses of this song give detailed scenes involving a heartbroken man dealing with a breakup.

This song provides a sweet and light touch on a relationship ending. With its lyrics like: 'Only know you love her when you let her go'.

This gives the meaning that sometimes only by letting her go you can love her more. With this sweet bitter truth of life that people have to let go their loved ones and move on for both of their happiness in life.

This songs clears that we cant always have what we want in life but we still have to get up and live our life to the fullest with what we have.

Let Her Go - Passenger ( Source : youtube )

9. thank u, next - Ariana Grande

Thank U, Next is one of the five albums released by Ariana Grande, which she dedicated to her four ex-boyfriends.

In this song Ariana talks about how she is grateful to her ex as they taught her various things in life such as love, patience and handling pain on her own.

The lyrics like: 
'Cause look what I've found
Ain't no need for searching'

This verse shows how someone must be if they haven't got the right partner. They should never go out and search for love rather than the love will come to them and will stay forever.

But until then, you need to say Thank you, Next as a matter of not being heartbroken again in life.

This song is also considered a motivating song for anyone who had recently broken up and trying to move on in their life. 

Ariana Grande has beautifully composed and sung this song in her beautiful voice.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Official Lyric Video) ( Source : youtube )

8. Dont Wait Up - Shakira

Shakira's 2021 song 'Don't Wait Up' is one of the best songs to listen to after a breakup.

This song shows how someone needs to give themselves enough time to care about themselves rather than anything or anyone else.

Beautifully written and composed by Shakira herself, this song shows how a couple changes according to time and must fix themselves before fixing their relationship.

The song lyrics go like:

I need to do something for myself, oh
Don't wait up'.

Although one is doing everything they can in their relationship, if one of them is not even caring about it then the relation can be ended, and for that, you don't need to wait for the perfect timing.

This song can be suitable for anyone who has recently broken up with their partner and needs to move on in their life. This helps people to motivate to care about themselves rather than others at that time.

Shakira - Don't Wait Up (Official Video) ( Source : youtube )

7. Irreplaceable - Beyoncé

Beyoncé's 'Irreplaceable' is one of the most preferred songs to listen to after a breakup to be strong and get over it. 

Considered as Queen of entertainment, Beyoncé's songs inspire women and girls to live as they want. This song also helps to get over a breakup with lyrics like:

'I'll have another you by tomorrow, So don't you ever for a second
Get to thinking you're irreplaceable'

The overall song tells that everyone can be replaceable and no one should have confusion that they will never get someone like them in their ex's life.

This song has the soothing voice of Beyoncé, became a global hit, and helped people get over their breakup and be strong after that. 

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable ( Source : youtube )

6. New Rules - Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa debut album entitled on her own name, contained a beautiful song about getting over ex's, 'New Rule'. 

This song contained various rules that one needs to follow to avoid getting back to their ex's, such as:

'One: Don't pick up the phone; you know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone.' 

'New Rule' gave many girls inspiration to get over anyone who has been lingering in their life for a long time. Lyrics given by  Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren, and Ian Kirkpatrick, this song is well sung by Dua Lipa and became a global hit after its release on 2017. 

She also stated that it was the breakup song she wished she had when she was breaking up with someone.

This song is also considered one of the best songs to listen to after breaking up with someone and moving on in their life.

Dua Lipa - New Rules (Official Music Video) ( Source : youtube )

5. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift

'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' was released as the lead single for Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album, Red. 

As she is known for her love and breakup songs, this song is always her number one as she wrote this was her reality on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend then. 

As her ex's friend came to her studio asking her if they were getting back together or not, and she replied by saying we are never ever getting back together. After knowing the whole story, her co-songwriter wrote this as lyrics and made it a new song.

Some lyrics such as:

You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me, but we are never ever getting back together.

This song indicated to end relationships that are lingering in their life and moving on.

This song received a Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year and was Swift’s first #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ( Source : youtube )

4. Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Stitches sang by Canadian singer Shawn Mendes in his debut album in 2015.

This song expresses how a person feels after a breakup and shows the struggles through his video. The official video takes place in a parking garage, where the actor seems thrown around by some invisible force representing his emotions.

Stitches became famous worldwide as a preferred song to listen to after a breakup and moving on in their life. People found it inspiring and tried to control their emotions within themselves through this song.

The lyrics such as:

'Your words cut deeper than a knife,
Now I need someone to breathe me back to life'.

This song inspired how one should move on with their life despite loving them endlessly to be happy with themselves and not to be on trap again life before.

Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Official Music Video) ( Source : youtube )

3. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

'Love Yourself,' Justin Bieber's one of his famous songs about a breakup and a promotional single for his album Purpose.

This song became a global hit after 'Sorry' from his same album and was liked by all people for its deep and meaningful lyrics. Song indicated that if you are ready to move on in your life, you first need to love yourself.

Love Yourself was first written by Ed Sheeran and later given to Justin, who thought this song had potential and contributed to it himself. 

Justin said this song was about someone in his past and someone he didn't want to make famous. 

'Love Yourself' official music video occurs in one house where two people are dancing to the rhythm of the music and doing their daily activities. But at the end of the video, the male character leaves and house and doesn't returns which makes the female character puzzled.

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement) ( Source : youtube )

2. Same Old Love - Selena Gomez

'Same Old Love' is a song sung by Selena Gomez and written by Charlie XCX in 2015. This song became a global hit and had many versions and remixes by famous artists like Fetty Wap.

This song is not only about a relationship that breaks up between partners but also their parents and other close people.

The lyrics such as "Take away your things and go:

You can't take back what you said," expresses a sense that your words are more valuable in the relationship than anything else.

Selena also wanted people to know that no one should ever be in any toxic relationship no matter what in her song. If the person next to you doesn't care about you, then it's not compulsory to be in that kind of relationship. 

This song is a hidden gem for people who have recently broken up and want to move on. 

Selena Gomez - Same Old Love ( Source : youtube )

1. Someone Like You - Adele

Adele one of the most renowned British singer released a song in 2011 that was 'Someone Like You'.

After Adele's breakup with 18 months relationship, she expressed her feelings through this song. She said that she had to write this song to make herself feel OK about her breakup and move on.

The lyrics: 'Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you, too.

Conveys the meaning that I will be fine even without you and will find someone like you in my life to carry on.

This song became famous worldwide for its lyrics about how everyone should be moving on to be happy and never look back in their past life.

Adele - Someone Like You (Official Music Video) ( Source : youtube )