One Of The Sickest Criminal, Bradley Pen Dragon Wikipedia Details

Presently, Bradley's name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia.

Most recently, he had been serving time in a West Australian correctional facility for looking up child abuse material on the internet. He spent almost five hours on a public computer at a backpacker hostel.

Some of the terms he used while surfing on the internet were derogatory words such as ‘pre-teen porn’ and ‘child incest’. During the questioning by a police officer, Bradley denied searching such keywords.

He defended himself by saying that the things just appeared on his mobile device, and he could not stop the pop-up box. However, all the pieces of evidence were against the accused Bradley.

Bradley was due to be released from prison in December, but state prosecutors applied to have him declared a "high-risk serious offender", keeping him a little longer in the jail cell.

Where Is The Pedophile Now?

The pedophile, Bradley spent more than half of his life in jail. He is presently serving his time in the jail and is expected to release on Tuesday.

The high-risk criminal is subjected to release with more than 60 strict clauses. The Court has ordered strict rules and regulations for criminal offenses to be set free in society.

The conditions include anti-libidinal and psychological treatment. Bradley has to pass on a written and verbal description of his location. 

The criminal offender has not accessed any unauthorized contact with anyone below the age of 18. The residents of his community are scared of the pedophile movement.

But, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has assured the community that they are closely monitoring the situation. No further offense will be conducted by Bradley as assured by the police department.

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The Pedophile Victim On Reddit: What Did He Do?

The Reddit community is going bizarre after the decision of releasing Bradley from jail. Netizens are asking for justice for the victim, while the accuser is set to be free in the locality.

Bradley has been charged with multiple accusations. The most popular charge is sexually assaulting a minor girl. Besides that, he held a knife to a woman in the car parking area.

Bradley Pen Dragon Is Being Released From The Jail Under 62 Strict Rules and Regulations
Bradley Pen Dragon Is Being Released From The Jail Under 62 Strict Rules and Regulations( Source : com )

He had been kept in custody on an interim detention order under the High-Risk Serious Offenders Act. Until the decision of Supreme Court judge Larissa Stark ruled on Tuesday that he could be released. 

Social sites like Twitter and Instagram have been full of support for the victim and asking for tight rules and regulations against the criminal.