What Did Beverly Leonard Say About Johnny Depp During The Ongoing Trial?

A former police officer, Beverly Leonard, was called as a defense witness for Depp's team. She favored Johnny Deep and told Heard smelled of alcohol and had blurry eyes.

When the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drags down, a new name appears abruptly. After that, the case can take an enthralling twist.

Leonard was asked for testimony in a Virginia court where the two actors blamed each other for abuse and violence.

What Did Beverly Leonard Say About Johnny Depp?

The cop, Beverly Leonard, who worked at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2009 and gave evidence of how Heard snatched her partner's arm, Tasya van Ree, and pulled off a necklace.

Amber Heard was accused of domestic violence; then, she was arrested by Beverly Leonard's detective.

Leonard was called last night by the Team of Deep and asked to testify today.

She said that Johnny might not be found guilty as she saw his aggressive behavior toward Amber at the airport.

A former friend of Heard's sister Whitney Henriquez also said that she never saw Johnny Depp drunk or high, and Heard never Shared with her that the actor was abusive.

Leonard claims that she ended a fight between Heard and her travel complaint after Heard got her hands on the person's necklace off her neck.

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Airport Officer Testimony During Trial 

As the airport officer, Leonard called for testimony; she told about the intolerant attitude of Amber Heard.

She said that she saw Amber Heard caught up in an altercation with a traveling companion at Sea-Tac International Airport in 2009.

Several questions arose about Leonard, and Heard's team asked if she became evident only because she wanted to be on TV.

'I have no wish to appear on television,' she said the head's attorney.

There are several defenses in favor of Deep. Neumeister also holds his opinion and testified in court that he was sure photos handed over in the court were changed.

He claimed that the three photos were made through photo editing software because the photos 'don't match forensically' and 'had to undergo some type of transformation to change sizes.

It can't be ignored that both Heard and Depp are currently in a legal fight at a Virginia court.

When the actor saw his ex-wife for writing an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018, calling herself a domestic violence survivor.

Deep could be asked to return to the stand, having done so in the early part of the trial.

But it seems that Heard's camp has substituted tact and will not do this.

The arresting officer responded to the allegation by saying that she was not homophobic or arrogant. 

She also stated that the arrest occurred because an assault was made, and they both were in domestic relationships.