Why Is Bachelorette Speedo Competition Slammed By Fans?

This season seems clueless as the men are unknown about the show's format. Between owning restricted beds at the Bachelor mansion and terrible weather, the show decided to have a speedo pageant.

While the men stripped down to speedos and had a bit of a talent show, fans were not into the whole challenge and were sick of seeing it so early on. Therefore, fans diss the speedo challenge and call to end 'almost naked dates.'

The contestants of The bachelorettes during speedo competition
The contestants of The bachelorettes during speedo competition( Source : parade )

Ryan, a contestant, gets ready by stuffing a sock into his speedo while some other men use what looks like olive oil to give their pecs that nice, shiny look. The clueless format of the show has made fans cringe about the show.

While the season leads seemed to enjoy the showcase, Twitter users were not impressed by the speedo competition in the show, for which fans slammed.

Bachelorette Speedo Competition Tweets

Fans of  American TV reality gameshow were dissatisfied with the format of making the contestants be a part of the speedo competition. Therefore, the fans have expressed their thoughts by tweeting on Twitter. Some are very dissatisfied with the show, which you will know with the help of tweets.

A user writes in his tweet that speedo competition might not be the best way to know someone's personality. The user shared a meme to express his feelings regarding the show.

Another user shares memes saying he feels uncomfy for the host, Jesse Palmer, in a speedo scene. He shares his meme on his Twitter account.

No one is currently employed more than the black box, according to a tweet by user Patti Murin. A user, Patti Murrin, shared his thought through a post on Twitter.

Bachelorette Speedo Competition Memes

The speedo competition in the well-known reality shows The Bachelorettes have been the subject of several memes created by the show's detractors. If you disagree with the speedo rivalry in The Bachelorettes show, here are several memes that might amuse you.

Someone even felt sorry for the show's host, Jesse Palmer, who certainly wasn't having as much fun as the women. And the user shares his feelings through a tweet meme this way.

The user Caroline did not like the speedo competition and thought the show went out of the format and posted the meme.

The need to censor the males in their Speedos was questioned by several. You can have a look at the meme that he has posted regarding the speedo competition.