Azsia Johnson, the young mother who was shot and killed in New York City while pushing her three-month-old child in a pram, reportedly reported domestic abuse to authorities on numerous occasions before her execution-style murder.

She adored kids, particularly young ones. She grew up in Crown Heights, wanted to work with children, and adored her two own kids, a toddler and a baby girl who was three months old.

The murder of Ms. Johnson, on Manhattan's Upper East Side, is just the most recent in a string of horrific gun violence incidents that have plagued New York City since the pandemic's beginning.

Who Is Azsia Johnson Boyfriend?

The baby's father or Azsia Johnson's boyfriend is a subject of interest, but the NYPD has declined to confirm this, only stating that they are looking into domestic violence as a potential motive.


According to her mother, police did arrive and made sure Johnson was secure after she reported domestic violence. After that, Johnson moved in with her mother, who claims that the police were unable to find the man who was reportedly molesting Johnson as a child.

She finally found herself in a domestic abuse shelter. Desort claims her daughter arrived home late when Johnson initially presented the man to her mother, and he was pacing back and forth in the house while he waited.

He believed she was cheating on him, according to Desort. She was present with her pals. My daughter does not lie. Your child is being carried by my daughter. The names of any prospective suspects have not been made public by the NYPD.

Although they have stated that they want to speak with the father of the child involved in the case, they have not yet classified him or anybody else as a suspect.

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Meet Azsia Johnson Mother Lisa Desort

Investigators are now looking for the baby's father as a person of interest in Azsia Johnson's death. Her distraught mother, Lisa Desort accused the police of failing to protect her 20-year-old daughter from her reportedly abusive ex-boyfriend.

On Wednesday (29 June 2022) night, a hooded gunman approached Johnson from behind and shot her once in the head while strolling the infant in a stroller. Shortly after, she was declared dead at Metropolitan Hospital Center.


According to Lisa Desort, the gunshot victim, Azsia Johnson, claimed to have experienced abuse while pregnant. Which of Johnson's two pregnancies Desort was referring to is unclear, but two top-ranking NYPD officers verified a domestic violence incident involving Johnson was made in January 2021.

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Learn About Azsia Johnson NYC Shooting Incident - Instagram Photo

Around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, Azsia Johnson, a mother of two and aspiring nurse, was strolling with her newborn close to 95th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

According to the police, a hooded gunman killed her with a single shot to the head at close range. The child suffered no injury. The victim's relatives reportedly told investigators that Johnson intended to meet the baby's father that evening.

Just days after the Supreme Court eased US gun rules, the shooting occurred in one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods and a few blocks from a playground.

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