Awake The Rapper politics is said to be the supporter of Donald Trump who created chaos in Highland Park on 4th July 2022.

Probably the rapper, who has an interest in politics had planned to shoot people on Independence day when they are out for a parade celebration of Independence Day.

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, founding the United States of America. Today, the United States celebrates Independence Day as a federal holiday.

Awake The Rapper Politics: Is The Shooter Trump Supporter?

Awake The Rapper seemed to be interested in politics and is a supporter of Trump. 

There were more than 25 individuals in total who were hurt with gunshot wounds. Six are said to be dead as per various online resources. The casualties range in age from eight to 85, with four or five of those who were shot thought to be minors.


It is the most recent mass shooting to occur in the US when one occurred every week in 2022. Joe Biden, the president, expressed his horror at the brutality. When the firing happened people were trying to save the kids, some were on the floor, and the rest panicked the scene.

People are still angry as they said the rapper had given out the message of warning through his songs on social media. It could have been monitored and taken care of on time as per them.

The happy moment of Independence Day turned into a dark day and will be remembered like that. Crimo was spotted in Where's Waldo attire in 2020, showing up to a Donald Trump rally. Another image of the suspect wearing a Donald Trump flag around him has surfaced.

Crimo shared a video of Central Avenue in Highland Park, the parade route's major roadway, on his blog last year in addition to horrific images and mass shooting fantasies.

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What Did Shooter Awake The Rapper Aka Robert Crimo Do?

Following the mayhem in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday, Awake the rapper aka Robert "Bobby" E Crimo III, was named as a suspect in the parade shooting.

He was apprehended following a manhunt that involved state and local law enforcement. Police said Crimo, the shooter scaled a roof before firing indiscriminately at onlookers with a powerful firearm.

According to Crimo's IMDB page, he began posting songs online when he was 11 years old. He has more than 16,000 listeners each month. Crimo does not, however, appear to make any reference to the national organization in his postings.

Additionally, he oversaw the "SS" Discord channel, which has since been deleted.

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Awake The Rapper YouTube Song Brainwashed Lyrics Detail

Awake The Rapper's track "I Am The Storm," and "Brainwashed EP" from his rap album "Brainwashed" was made public. 

Months before, being apprehended in connection with a July 4 parade shooting that left six people dead, a suspect in the shooting released a number of ominous tunes.


The lyrics and his account on Spotify have been removed. Currently, there are no songs from him available on the web. However, his songs were believed to be full of warnings that give our chilling vibes.

Several of Crimo's films and most of his social media profiles have a symbol, that is similar to that of the far-right Finnish group Suomen Sisu.

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