Who Is Avery Lans From VI Consortium? Arrested On Money Laundering Case

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55-year-old Avery Lans from VI Consortium was arrested following a money-laundering operation in South Florida.

According to Homeland Security agents, a money-laundering investigation in South Florida led them to a compartment in Orlando storing millions of dollars in cocaine.

Agents were already on the lookout for Wayne Stout, Jr. when he hired a car in Miami and traveled to a storage facility on Edgewater Drive in Orlando, as per authorities.

The court filings claimed that Stout was seen collecting a cooler and a duffel bag from one of the storage sites and placing them in his rental car before heading to a restaurant in Winter Park.

Who Is Avery Lans VI Consortium?

According to the Consortium, when Governor Kenneth Mapp examined pardon requests in 2018, Avery Lans also received them.

Lans was in police custody at the time, facing second-degree murder accusations. According to the court records, he was condemned in 1989 and freed in 2009.


Recently, Avery Lans was arrested for a money laundering case in South Florida.

Officers discovered Avery Lans was driving one of the cars that led them to a storage unit in Orlando, where they uncovered millions of dollars worth of cocaine.

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Avery Lans Arrested On Money Laundering Case

According to reports, Avery Lans, 55, was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. When law enforcement followed him, he rushed across a highway in an attempt to escape and threw the cocaine package out the window.

Investigators stated they followed Lans until he appeared to recognize the undercover agents behind him and began speeding through traffic in an attempt to flee.


Agents noticed a visible emblem on the cocaine bricks, which are generally used to represent the precise type and quality of the drugs.

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Avery Lans Mugshots and Charges 

Avery Lans was earlier detained under second-degree murder charges. He was released from custody and granted a pardon after serving 25 years in prison.

However, Lan was recently arrested in a money laundering case for the second time. On Tuesday, he appeared in federal court for a bond hearing.


The jury determined that he was a menace to society and a flight risk, and he was sentenced to life in jail without any possibility of parole.

On the other hand, Stout was apprehended in South Florida. A hearing will be held Wednesday morning to determine whether he will be extradited to Orange County to face trial.

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More On Culprit Lans Wikipedia & Arrest Report

According to court filings, Avery Lans, 55, was accused of money landing charges. Police reported that he was seen collecting a bag from one of the storage containers from Stout.

Agents discovered five bricks of cocaine weighing roughly 12 pounds in the package.

Authorities then searched the storage locker that Stout had accessed and discovered six huge coolers loaded with additional 109 bricks of cocaine, each worth $30,000 per kilogram.