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Hello! This is Megh, I am an entertainment enthusiast and avid listener of music, I am a BBA graduate and looking forward to making a mark in creative writing.

Who Is Dr Isyaka Mamman? Doctor Arrested For Manslaughter After Killing Shahida Parveen

A doctor has been cruelly involved in the death of the mother-of-three. The doctor's negligence shakes the community, which results in a mother's end. Learn more about Dr. Isyaka Mamman and his victim Shahida Parveen.  Dr. Isyaka had worked as a...

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Is Cassidy Hutchinson Related To Asa Hutchinson? Family Details To Know

Cassidy Hutchinson is a prior aide and advisor of Mark Meadows the chief of Staff of Donald Trump during Trump's presidency. After her popularity in the media, people are concerned about whether Cassidy is related to Asa Hutchinson.  Hutchinson ...

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