Actress Ariana Madix's Book about Cocktails is much more popular now in the market. It is a book about the different cocktail varieties for every occasion.

This book is co-authored by Tom Sandoval and also contributed by Danny Pellegrino. Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are the popular cast in the reality show "Vanderpump rules."

These two had been in a relationship after meeting in the show.

She started working at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants, SUR and Villa Blanca. This earned her a spot on the reality television series "Vanderpump Rules" in 2013, following the lives of the SUR, PUMP, and Villa Blanca servers.

In 2019, She and Tom Sandoval released the book named"Fancy AF Cocktails" which became popular.

It ranked 27 in the "Wine" section of the kindle book store Ranking.

Ariana Madix Career In Acting Besides Writing

Ariana Madix became popular from the show "Vanderpump Rules." In her early career, she was featured in videos for the comedy website "Collegehumor."

Some of the movies she was cast in are:

  • Working it out (2010)
  • Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)
  • Attack of the 50-foot Cheerleader (2012)
  • Dirty Dealing 3D(2018)
  • Dead End(2019)


In 2019 she was also cast in the comedy television series "The Other Two" in the second episode.

Idea behind the book Fancy AF Cocktails

Ariana Mandix is the popular author of a famous cocktail book she published along with Tom Vandon. Initially, she started as a bartender in Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants, SUR and Villa Blanca.

This became fruitful as she fetched a role in Lisa Vanderpump's show, "Vanderpump Rules."

She first appeared as a guest appearance in the initial season and then made it into the 10th season. The show gave her a much good recognition.

Grande's famous cocktail book
Grande's famous cocktail book( Source : instagram )

She fell in love with another character in the same show, Tom Vandon. They had been in talks about publishing a cookbook for some time in the show.

Finally, it became a reality in 2019 when they published the book named "Fancy AF Cocktails."

This became one of the most popular books in the cookbook segment. The book is about the know-how of preparing various cocktails for different kinds of occasions.

This cookbook has various drinks for all occasions, as claimed by the authors.

Fancy AF Cocktails Information

Ariana Madix published a popular cookbook for cocktail enthusiasts in 2019. She along with Tom Vandon published the book which gave the idea of cocktails for every kind of occasion.

If we talk about this cookbook, claims that it has drinks for every kind of occasion. This cookbook has a drink for special fancy occasions and a trashy mix for any random situation.

Even if you don't have many ingredients in your kitchen, this book has the ideas covered for you to make that shot for you.


Shots and recovery recipes are also included to cover the morning and pregame.

Every cocktail is elaborated with interesting behind-the-stories and colorful and vivid pictures are also provided.

This is the must-have for cocktails enthusiasts and fans of "vanderpump Rules".This informative and mashy book will not make u waste your time as it is a full load of fun and drinks information.

Fancy Af Cocktails Review

The famous and popular cocktail book by Ariana which was published in 2019 has generally got positive reviews. Many Readers have given warm responses to the famous book.

If we look at the online review at, it has got a rating of 4.8/5 from a global review of 2309 people. Most of the reviews are positive and have an appreciation of the rich information given in the book.86 percent of the reviews are 5-star ratings, while only a meager amount of 4 percent are 1-star ratings.

Fancy Af cocktails by Ariana
Fancy Af cocktails by Ariana( Source : instagram )

From a well-known book review site called, it has got an overall rating of 4.29 /5 from 226 ratings, including the 20 reviews.

According to, it has an average rating of 4.6, and only 11 percent have given the rating of just 1 star.

Most of the readers suggested that the book helped them in the preparation of different cocktails in an easy and simplistic way.

Book Ranking of Fancy Af Cocktails

The book has ranked at number 5076 in the global " Books" ranking. Besides, it has made its presence in the "Cocktails & mixed Drinks" ranking with the number 9.

According to "Celebrity and tv show Cookbooks," it ranks at number 35. Interestingly, it ranks at number 6 in "Alcoholic Spirits".

A randomloading="lazy" fan reviewed "Fancy Af Cocktails" which is the book of Ariana Madix who is a famous television star of the reality show "Vanderpump Rules".
Fancy AF Cocktails - Is it good? ( Source : youtu )

These rankings prove that this book has got a good reputation in the books market as evidenced by the fact from the above information.

Besides, we have got a review from a random fan on facebook who reviewed the book and expressed his thoughts about the book.