Someone captured Antonio Andriani's final moments on camera; the photographs are hazy but depict how the man fell into the well.

Additionally, the owner was included as a suspect on the suspect's register since the prosecutor's office requested that he and a trusted advisor participate in a technical inquiry.

Meanwhile, it's believed that the gendarmerie and fire brigade have found and seized pieces of the manhole cowl that broke and signalled the supervisor's death.

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Who Is Antonio Andriani And What Happened To Him?

Antonio Andriani, the man who fell into a well in Erice, is believed to have died. Additionally, a startling video documenting the event was released.

In particular, he was the owner of a house that the manager had rented out for nearly a year. Andriani, who is originally from Molfetta, relocated to Erice after being promoted to industrial supervisor of the Trapani department by the company he worked for, Bio Salus, in 2015.


The entry of the home's owner on the suspect's list is a move against the background of a compelling narrative. In actuality, the authorities made the decision to forgo a post-mortem and ordered the body's repatriation based on preliminary post-mortem results.

Images from an accident that was recorded at Antonio Andriani's birthday celebration. The person who fell down an artesian well while dancing in front of all the visitors was him which is trending online.

Even though the pictures appear blurry, they show what happened right before the 40-year-old passed away. He turned forty, and lately, the decision was taken to celebrate at the villa that had been just rented.

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Antonio Andriani Twitter Video Trending

Supervisor Antonio Andriani's tragic death was caught on camera in the final seconds of his life as he plunged down a well in Erice. Additionally, authorities disclosed that a suspect had been registered after the man's death.

The disaster occurred in the town of Erice, in the province of Trapani. Many guests at the celebrated Antonio Andriani's birthday celebration were taking pictures of the joyful occasions as he enjoyed himself. 

The images and videos are currently trending online and many people are shocked by the incident.

Additionally, a heartbreaking video was made about Antonio Andriani, who died after falling into a well at Erice's party. An unexpected video shows the Bio-Salus supervisor's last moments.

To determine the dynamics of the events leading up to Andreani's death, authorities opened an investigation after the occurrence. It was revealed that a suspect had been identified in this case.

Antonio Andriani Age 

Supervisor Antonio Andriani died after falling into a well in Erice, Trapani. The tragic occurrence happened on Sunday, July 3 at midnight while the man was enjoying his 40th birthday with family and friends at a rental property in the Pegno neighbourhood

Although the movie was intended to capture the best moments of the celebration, it turned out to be a dramatic death story.

The supervisor can be seen dancing on the concrete top of the fountain in the video. The plate cracked just as the victim was ready to dismount. Andreani succumbed to the shouts of fear and disbelief from the present after attempts to help the man from the man's friends and family members failed.