What Happened To Jason Hoganson?

The court heard that on April 19, Hoganson, who has 103 convictions, was seen kicking his way through a communal door at a residential building in the Groat Market in Newcastle. The next thing he did was stun a resident when he walked into his bedroom and asked for a cigarette.

Jason Has Struggled With Drug And Alcohol Abuse.
Jason Has Struggled With Drug And Alcohol Abuse.( Source : uk/news/article-2216356/Empire-State-actor-living-Newcastle-streets-battling-drug-addiction-mental-illness )

According to reports from ChronicleLive, after playing a significant role in the movie Empire State in 1988, Jason Hoganson descended into a life of crime. According to testimony presented in court, he had a difficult childhood and struggled to deal with his success.

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After starring in the movie, the actor, who is now 51 years old, allegedly began abusing drugs and alcohol and spiraled into a mental health crisis due to his experiences. The most recent incident of his criminal activity occurred on April 19, this year, shortly after midnight, when he broke into a property on Groat Market in Newcastle.

Jason Hoganson Breaking In: Is He Arrested?

The other resident in the building became aware of Jason in his bedroom, and before he left, he asked for a cigarette. A doorman approached the victim from a nearby bar called Cosy Joes, who told him he believed a homeless man had broken into the building through a communal entrance. The prosecution provided this material to the court.

Jason Was Charged For Trying To Burglar A House.
Jason Was Charged For Trying To Burglar A House.( Source : co )

When Hoganson eventually left a few minutes later, one of the residents followed him while describing him to the police over the phone.

It was discovered that he had a hat and a jacket belonging to another resident in his possession when the police caught up with him in an alleyway between Cloth Market and High Bridge. As a result of this discovery, he was arrested. The surveillance footage showed him entering the home and leaving approximately 20 minutes later with the clothing.

Net Worth 2022 Of Empire State Actor

It is estimated that Jason's net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 today.

In 1987, the producers of the low-budget film contacted his drama teacher looking for Geordie actors for a part in Empire State, a gritty drama set in 1980s London. This allowed him to turn his life around and make something of himself.

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After holding auditions for over one hundred teenage hopefuls, the producers offered Hoganson the part of Geordie drifter Pete. He starred alongside Jamie Foreman, Martin Landau of the United States, and Irish actor Ray McAnally.

But just as his acting career began to take off, his personal life was in shambles, and he gave in to the temptation of a life of crime.