Who Is Aaron Salter Jr.?

Aaron Salter Jr. is a true hero who lost his life in the horrifying incident that occurred at the Buffalo Supermarket. He was on a duty security guard who bravely sacrificed his life to save the crowd from shooting.

The deadly attack by a young 18 years old Payton Gendron has left everyone shocked and wrecked. The hateful murder which resulted in the death of 10 innocent victims will never be forgotten and forgiven. 

The kind security guard was a brave, heartful, and sincere employee who was determined on his job even while taking the last breath of his life. We have lost a true hero who would not think twice before helping someone.

The racially motivated attack is still being investigated at the state and federal levels. He was also given a tribute by President Joe Biden for his brave act.

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Aaron Salter's Family And Children

Salter is the proud son of Carol Saltor and Aaron Salter Sr. He is an incredible father to three children.

His family and friends are going through a very rough time, we pray they get the strength to overcome the huge loss. We hope the innocents get justice and the guilty get strict punishment for their unforgivable acts. 

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What Was The Age Of Brave Aaron Salter Jr?

At the very young age of 55, Aaron Salter had to lose his life. He is a true inspiration and hero who taught us to be kind to others. 

Hateful crimes like this should never be repeated and people must learn to accept one another. We hope the soul of the innocent victims rests in peace.