Who Was Asherey Ryan? - Pregnant Woman

Asherey Ryan was the pregnant woman who was killed during the accident that took place in La Brea. The car that caused the crash is said to be a 40-year-old nurse. 

She drove her car at the speed of 50 mph or 80 kph, CHP officer Franco Pepi informed. The high-speed car crossed the red light and hit many other vehicles at the intersection.

Asherey Ryan, a pregnant woman died at vehicle crash
Asherey Ryan, a pregnant woman died at vehicle crash ( Source : Dailymail )

One car was said to be torn in half. Some vehicles got fired and moreover, and many lost their lives. The driver herself had major injuries. Eight people were transported to the hospital.

Six of them are teenagers and were badly injured. There is a woman who is 33 years old. The witness describe the scene as horrible as there were fires, accidents, and dead bodies. The situation was terrible to handle. 

One of the witnesses said, the boy flew towards the gas station and fell in front of her. One of the workers saw that and reached her. But the kid had passed away. 

What Happened To 23-years-old Asherey Ryan?

23 years old, Asherey Ryan met an accident that has taken her life. It was not only her life that was threatened by her child inside her womb too got killed.

She hailed from Los Angeles. The incident happened on Thursday after 1:30 pm, the Mercedez-Benz sedan caused a deadly crash harming six cars. They were near a gas station in the unincorporated Windsor Hills, LA, according to the California Highway Patrol. 

Two cars caught fire. People who work near the crime scene said they have never seen such a deadly accident ever in their lives. They said they have seen many accidents earlier but nothing like this ever happened. They were scared that the gas station gets explode.

Is Asherey Ryan Killed In Crash At La Brea?

Yes, the authorities have identified the dead victim as Asherey Ryan. She was found dead in a crash at La Brea. It would not have been that painful if she was not pregnant.

The Mercedez crash damaged many other cars
The Mercedez crash damaged many other cars ( Source : Washingtonpost )

Unfortunately, the authorities have declared that she was pregnant and her age is just 23. Her unborn child died in her womb. Her death at a youthful age is too ironic. Meanwhile, another boy also passed away at the intersection.

Other victims who lost their lives were not mentioned yet. May Asherey's and her unborn child's souls be guided to heaven and they rest in peace forever. Her family and relatives may get much strength to cope with the loss. 

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